Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Doctor of Pharmacy Catalog

The Doctor of Pharmacy degree is within the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Administratively, the College is organized with a Dean who is assisted by an Associate Dean of Pharmacy Academic Affairs, an Associate Dean of Health Sciences, an Assistant Dean for Student  Services, and an Assistant Dean for Practice Programs.  Two academic departments oversee the curriculum of the program, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Pharmacy Practice.  Each department has a chairperson overseeing the program's didactic and experiential components. The Associate Deans for Academic Affairs are responsible for all academic matters of the College and, in the absence of the Dean, are responsible for the operations of the College. The Assistant Dean for Student Services coordinates all student-related organizations and activities, including recruitment, admissions, registration, counseling, and academic advising. 

The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) is a six-year program requiring two years of study at the pre-professional (pre-pharmacy) level and four years at the professional level. Courses offered through this department include pharmacotherapy and disease processes, community and hospital/institutional pharmacy practice, clinical health sciences, drug information and retrieval, jurisprudence, and clinical research.