Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Office of Continuing Education

The Texas Southern University Weekend College and Division of Continuing Education was renamed, the College of Continuing Education by the Board of Regents on June 3, 1994; this marks one of the most significant changes in the unit since it was created in 1973 originally as the “Weekend College.” As of July 2012, the College of Continuing Education has been renamed the Office of Continuing Education (OCE) and our role is to continue to provide programs and services that affirm the University's mission.

The Office of Continuing Education is Texas Southern University's administrative unit for essentially delivering non-credit courses, but we also offer courses for college credit through our Weekend College for non-traditional students seeking a degree. More specifically, our unit is designed to meet identifiable community needs in lifelong learning and professional development by providing educational opportunities for all.

Our Office of Continuing Education has a long history of success that is consistent with the University’s overall strategic plan and our overall goals are:

  • To offer a suite of high-quality continuing education programs that provide certification and licensure in high demand fields.
  • To be responsive to the needs of our community by offering enrichment and recreational programs that support principles of lifelong learning.

Our programs are largely a response to what we believe represents what people tell us they need to advance their career or just to grow in life. Therefore, we offer both regular college credit courses and courses that qualify for continuing education. Our new certificate programs will offer participants learning experiences that are targeted at ensuring that they bring about meaningful career advancement or opportunities for transitioning to new and exciting careers. Our continuing education offerings provide a vehicle for members of the communities we serve to pursue their lifelong learning goals through targeted programs, seminars, workshops, conferences and special events.

Mission Statement

To act as an agent through which our community may acquire continued knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to enter and remain fully engaged in the job market and enjoy lifelong learning.

Admission Information

Applicant demographics include:

  • TSU students seeking alternative pathways for learning, especially where online options exist
  • Working students seeking professional and/or personal enrichment through certification courses and CEU's
  • Working students seeking non-traditional, evening and weekend-course offerings
  • Military personnel and veterans seeking to utilize their educational benefits

An applicant’s eligibility to enroll in the Weekend College which offers for-credit courses for degree completion is governed by the same criteria for admissions into the University:

An earned high school diploma or GED

No active scholastic or disciplinary dismissal from any institution of higher education

Completion of the prerequisites listed for the course for which the student intends to register (see Course Prerequisites as specified by departments)

Satisfactory completion of the THEA requirements (if applicable) Good financial standing, including no active holds with the University

Degree Offerings

Non-Credit Courses and Continuing Education Units. Texas Southern University’s Office of Continuing Education is committed to establishing and fostering relationships with organizations that share its commitment to the community by offering or partnering in conferences and/or workshops in which we will offer CEU credits. The OCE can offer a wide variety of workshops and educational seminars for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits. Full listings of all non-credit course offerings available on the TSU webpage, including online courses.

In a continuous effort to meet community needs, the OCE may offer new certificates and/or enrichment and recreational programs that may not be listed above. Log on our TSU webpage or please contact the OCE at 713-313-7577 to receive updated information.