Academic Catalog 2024-2025

University Commitment and Student Responsibilities

University Commitment

On June 17, 1973, the Texas Legislature designated Texas Southern University a “special purpose institution of higher education for urban programming.” Subsequent to this mandate, the designation and the University motto of “Excellence in Achievement” were welded in order to formulate the institutional mission. Accordingly, the University is committed to the management of a comprehensive educational curriculum that will render the motto creditable.

Student Responsibilities

Texas Southern University provides a student-centered learning environment in which students are afforded opportunities to practice self-discipline, to assume responsibilities as maturing adults, and to enjoy certain freedoms. When students elect to enroll at the University, they also accept and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies by which the University is governed. Inasmuch as enrollment is voluntary, acceptance is voluntary. On this basis, students cannot, without great personal liability to their continued association with the University, obstruct, hamper, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with the institution’s attainment of its lawful mission, please refer to the Student Code of Conduct ( for additional information. The institution, therefore, has both the right and the obligation to promulgate rules and regulations designed to promote attainment of its purpose.

Freedom of Expression

Texas Southern University (“TSU”) recognizes that freedom of expression and public assembly are fundamental rights of all persons, and are essential components of the education process. These activities promote debate and the sharing of ideas, which are the foundation of educational institutions. In keeping with this responsibility, any person is free to exercise the rights to assemble and engage in expressive activity in a constitutionally protected manner subject only to the content-neutral regulations necessary to fulfill the mission and obligations of TSU, preserve the rights of others, coordinate multiple uses of limited space, assure preservation of the campus facilities and grounds, and assure financial accountability for any damage caused by these activities. Please refer to Student Life policies ( for additional information.