Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Administration Of Justice (Non-Thesis Option), Master of Science

Program Description

The purpose of the Master of Science in Administration of Justice (MSAJ) Program is to educate a cadre of justice academicians as change agents prepared to teach, conduct research and assume administrative and policy positions at all levels of government and in the private sector both nationally and globally. The MSAJ Program will prepare professionals to address traditional and emerging administrative and management issues in criminal justice agencies.

The program is designed to fill the current void in graduate studies in the administration of justice and attract African Americans and other minorities that are underrepresented in graduate administration of justice education. The educational objectives of the MSAJ are:

  1. To provide students with a foundation of knowledge that includes the history and theory of the administration of justice.
  2. To provide students with knowledge of research methods in administration of justice.
  3. To develop students’ data analysis skills for administration of justice.
  4. To develop students’ awareness of race, class, and gender related issues in administration of justice.
  5. To sensitize students to ethical issues in administration of justice.
  6. To provide students with specialized knowledge about justice agency administration.
  7. To provide students with the knowledge necessary for advancement to doctoral studies.
  8. To prepare students for teaching at the college level.

Admission Criteria

Students with an interest in pursuing a Master of Science degree in Administration of Justice must meet the admission requirements of the TSU Graduate School. An application for admission to the Graduate School must be completed and is processed through the TSU Graduate School. Completed applications are referred to the School of Public Affairs for an acceptance decision by the Graduate Admissions Committee in the MSAJ program. Decisions of the MSAJ Graduate Admissions Committee are referred to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Students must also submit the following to the Graduate School:

  1. An application.
  2. A typed 250-300 word statement of their interest in administration of justice, their goals and objectives.
  3. Three letters of recommendation.
  4. Two copies of official transcripts from undergraduate and graduate institutions attended.
  5. Evidence of proficiency in the use of the English language.

Students must have successfully completed an undergraduate course in criminology/criminal justice theory, a course in research methods and a statistics course prior to admission. Students without these courses can be admitted conditionally and are required to complete any prerequisite courses in the School of Public Affairs with at least a grade of “B.” Undergraduate preparation in either administration of justice, criminal justice, criminology, public affairs, or the social sciences is preferred but not required.

The Master of Science in Administration of Justice has the following requirements:

  1. All students must complete thirty-six (36) credit hours. Students can choose either a thesis or non-thesis option.
  2. All students are required to complete six (6) core courses.
  3. Students that choose the thesis option also will complete four (4) elective courses, six (6) thesis credits, and a thesis.
  4. Students that choose the non-thesis option also will complete four (4) elective courses, a capstone seminar in the administration of justice, and an internship that involves research and data analysis.
  5. All students must prepare a degree plan after the completion of twelve (12) graduate credits. The degree plan is developed by the student and approved by the advisor. The degree plan must be submitted to the Graduate School during the second semester of the first year of graduate studies.
  6. Students must successfully complete all courses with acceptable grades.
  7. Students must fulfill the general requirements for graduation as outlined by the Graduate School catalogue.


Core Curriculum18
Non-Thesis Option6
Total Hours36

Core Courses (Standard)

AJ 500Sem in Admin of Justice3
AJ 501Seminar in ADM of JUS Theory3
AJ 502Seminar in Research Methods3
AJ 503Seminar in Quantitative Meth I3
AJ 504Sem RaceClassGenderCrime in AJ3
AJ 505Seminar on Ethics in AJ3
Total Hours18


Select four of the following:12
Police Administration
Crime Lab Administration
Issues In Corrections Administ
Issues in Judicial Adm
Issues in Juvenile Justice Adm
ADM Law for Justice Agencies
Eval Research for Jus Agencies
Issues in Terrorism and AJ
Seminar on Special Topic In AJ
Environmental Crime & AJ
Independent Study
Capstone Seminar
Total Hours12

Nonthesis Option

AJ 701Capstone Seminar3
AJ 702Internship3
Total Hours6