Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Counseling (Rehabilitation Counseling Concentration), Master of Education

The Rehabilitation Counseling Concentration prepares candidates to become Rehabilitation Counselors in either the public state agency or to provide services in the private sector.  Once candidates complete core counseling courses, each is required to complete the appropriate courses relevant to Rehabilitation Counseling. The Rehabilitation Counseling concentration will allow candidates to qualify to take the Certified Rehabilitation Counseling examination.


Pre-Qualifying Courses12
Core Requirements30
Institutional Requirements6
Total Hours60

Pre-Qualifying Courses

COUN 593Human Growth and Development3
COUN 733Sem Soc & Cult Diff3
COUN 834Coun & Personality Theories3
COUN 878Intro to Rehabilitation Coun3
Total Hours12

Core Requirements

COUN 611Appraisal & Assessment Techniq3
COUN 633Counseling Research3
COUN 735Coun Tech3
COUN 845Crisis Intervention3
COUN 852Addictions Counseling3
COUN 860Pre-Practicum3
COUN 861Internship I3
COUN 862Internship II3
COUN 876Career and Lifestyle Dev3
COUN 890Group Counseling3
Total Hours30


COUN 836Mental Health & Psychopath3
COUN 879Med Psy Aspect Disability3
COUN 895Ethics & Prof Issues Coun3
COUN 896Advanced Ethics3
Total Hours12

Institutional Requirements

EPSY 831Educ Statistics3
EDFD 576His Black Ed In America3
Total Hours6


COUN 810Coun Children & Adolescents3
COUN 817Special Topics3
COUN 821Counseling Supervision3
COUN 836Mental Health & Psychopath3
COUN 838Counseling Capstone3
COUN 841Family Counseling3
COUN 843Play Therapy3
COUN 847Consultation Theory & Practice3