Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Educational Administration (Human Resources and Higher Education Concentration), Master of Education

General Requirements

In addition to meeting the Graduate School’s requirements for admission, retention, examinations, candidacy and graduation as listed elsewhere, requirements for admission to the department include: submitting an online application which includes personal information and recommendations on forms provided by the Graduate School along with Graduate Record Examination scores taken within the last five (5) years.

  1. Submit evidence of holding the Standard Teacher Certificate and at least two years creditable classroom teaching experience for the administrator certificate programs if seeking a principal certificate.
  2. Complete requirements of the Department Screening Committee as approved by the Graduate School.
  3. File a degree and/or certificate plan with the faculty advisor and with the Graduate School Office.
  4. A Comprehensive Examination is administered to all students within six (6) hours of graduation. Eligibility to take the Comprehensive Examination, designed by the Educational Administration faculty, is determined by the advisor and the Department Chair. Passing the Comprehensive Examination with a minimum score of 70 is required for graduation.

(All courses must be approved by the department)


Higher Ed Course Requirements12
Human Resources Requirements12
Master's Degree Requirements9
Total Hours36

Higher Ed Course Requirements

EDHI 734Seminar in Strategic Planning 13
EDHI 733Intro to Higher Education 13
Select six credit hours from the following:6
Budgeting/Resource Allocation
Org & Admin of Higher Edu
Higher Education & The Law
Student Development Services
Total Hours12

These courses are required in these areas.

Human Resource Courses

EDAS 651Human Resources Management 13
EDAS 680Seminar in Human Resources 13
Select six credits from the following:6
Law In Human Resources
Training & Professional Dev
Career Development
HR & Perfrormance MGMT
Total Hours12

These courses are required in these areas.

Internship Requirements

EDAS 783Internship-Human Resourses3
Total Hours3

Master's Degree Requirements

EPSY 831Educ Statistics3
EDFD 633Research3
EDFD 581Foundations Of Education3
Total Hours9

Course substitutions may be made with the approval of the Department Chairman, the Dean of the College of Education, and Dean of the Graduate School on forms provided by the Graduate School Office.