Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Psychology (School Psychology Concentration), Master of Arts

The School Psychology concentration is designed for students interested in providing mental health services in school settings. This concentration requires sixty (60) semester credit hours. The first year is devoted to preparation in the foundations of psychology, including ethics, counseling theory, and the assessment and diagnosis of learning, emotional and behavioral problems. The second year includes training in counseling, consultation, intervention strategies, and a supervised practicum (150 clock hours).  The third year consists of an internship  of no fewer than 1,200 clock hours, 600 of which must be completed in a public school. Upon completion of this concentration  and an acceptable  score on the National  School Psychology Examination, students are eligible to apply for licensure as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) from the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC) or from boards in other states which have similar requirements.

Admission to the graduate program in the Department of Psychology is competitive. A student may be admitted to the graduate program if, in the judgment of the faculty, his or her qualifications indicate a strong likelihood of successful completion of the graduate program. It should be noted that not all qualified students can be admitted. Non-psychology majors or minors may be required to take undergraduate prerequisites before being considered for admission to the program.  The department  considers  the entire packet of information in the application for admission. Students are selected on the basis of their total record of academic achievement, letters of recommendation, and relevant experience.

Specific requirements are:

  1. A minimum overall GPA of 2.75
  2. A minimum GPA of 2.75 in psychology coursework
  3. Application, vitae/resume, all college transcripts
  4. Personal statement
  5. Letters of recommendation (3)
  6. Application processing fee $50.00 Resident $75.00 International
  7. A minimum of twelve (12) semester credit hours of undergraduate psychology.

8. If international, a TOEFL score of at least 550 on the paper based test or 213 on the computer based test or 79 on the internet based test is required, an official IELTS score can be submitted in lieu of TOEFL in which case a minimum overall band score of 6.0 is required.

Core Courses45
Concentration Requirements15
Total Hours60

Core Curriculum Requirements1

PSY 533Survey Psy Statistics3
PSY 539Human Growth and Development3
PSY 540Consultation3
PSY 541Psychological Assessment I3
PSY 542Learning and Behavior Management3
PSY 631Research Design3
PSY 632Theories of Counseling and Psychological Inerventions3
PSY 635Psychological Counseling, Interviewing, and Report Writing3
PSY 640Professional Orientation in the Field of Psychology3
PSY 641Social, Cultural, and Systemic Bases of Behavior3
PSY 643Psychological Assessment II3
PSY 730Eth & Legal Issues in Men Hlth3
PSY 733Physiological Psychology3
PSY 735Practicum3
PSY 739Psychopathology3
Total Hours45


PSY 899School Psychology Internship6
EDCI 531Classroom Management3
Select two of the following6
Curr Dev Early Childhood Ed
Curriculum & Instruction
Psycho-Ed Intervention
Total Hours15

Please note that ENG 501 is required if GRE Analytical Writing score is less than 3.5.

Comprehensive Exam is taken in the 3rd year.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterHours
PSY 539 Human Growth and Development 3
PSY 632 Theories of Counseling and Psychological Inerventions 3
PSY 730 Eth & Legal Issues in Men Hlth 3
PSY 739 Psychopathology 3
Second Semester
PSY 533 Survey Psy Statistics 3
PSY 540 Consultation 3
PSY 541 Psychological Assessment I 3
PSY 635 Psychological Counseling, Interviewing, and Report Writing 3
Second Year
First Semester
PSY 542 Learning and Behavior Management 3
PSY 641 Social, Cultural, and Systemic Bases of Behavior 3
PSY 643 Psychological Assessment II 3
PSY 731 Role of School Psychologist 3
Second Semester
PSY 631 Research Design 3
PSY 735 Practicum 3
EDCI 531 Classroom Management 3
Select one from the three elective options below: 1 3
Third Year
First Semester
PSY 733 Physiological Psychology 3
PSY 899 School Psychology 3
Select one from the three elective options below 1 3
Second Semester
PSY 899School Psychology Internship 3
*Comprehensive Exam is taken in 3rd year
 Total Hours60

Elective options include: EDCI 520 Curr Dev Early Childhood EdEDCI 540 Curriculum & Instruction, or SPED 556 Psycho-Ed Intervention.