Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Guide to Course Offerings

Prefix Academic Discipline
ACCT Accounting
AFLN African Language
AFS African Studies
AFSC Air Force Science
AJ Administration of Justice
AVST Aviation Science & Technology
BADM Business Administration
BIOL Biology
CFDV Child & Family Development
CHEM Chemistry
CHNS Chinese
CIVT Civil Engineering Technology
CLSC Clinical Laborartory Sciences
CM Communication
COMM Communications
CMET Computer Engineering Technology
COE Cooperative Education
CONS Construction
COUN Counseling
CS Computer Science
COSC Computer Science
CT Clothing/Textiles
DRAM Drama
DRFT Drafting/Design Technology
ECON Economics
EDAS Education Administration & Supervision
EDCI Educational Curriculum & Instr.
EDFD Education Foundations
EDHI Higher Educations
ELET Electronics Engr. Technology
EMGT Emergency Management
ENG English
ENGL English
ENGT Engineering Technology
ENTP Entrepreneurship
ERM Entertainment Record Industry Management
FCS Family Consumer Sciences
FIN Finance
FN Foods & Nutrition
FORS Forensic Science
FR French
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
HED Health Education
HIST History
HMSC Homeland Security
HSCR Health Science Core
HSCS Human Services & Consumer Science
HSEH Health Science - Environmental Health
HSHA Health Science - Health Administration
HSHI Health Science and Health Information
HSRT Health Science - Respiratory Therapy
INS Insurance
ITEC Industrial Technology
JOUR Journalism
KIN Kinesiology
MATH Mathematics
MFG Manufacturing
MGMT Management
MGSC Management Science
MIS Management Information Systems
MKTG Marketing
MSCI Military Science
MTMS Maritime Transportation Management Security
MUSA Applied Music
MUSI Music
NAVA Naval Sciences
PA Public Affairs
PAD Public Adminstration
PADM Pharmacy Adminstration
PAS Pharmacology Applied Science
PE Physical Education
PHAR Pharmacy
PHCH Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PHIL Philosophy
PHS Pharmaceutical Sciences
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PSY Psychology
PSYC Psychology
RDG Reading Education
READ Reading-No Degree-Development
REC Recreation
RTF Radio/TV/Film
SC Speech Communication
SOC Sociology
SOCI Sociology
SOCW Social Work
SP Speech
SPAN Spanish
SPED Special Education
SPMT Sports Management
THEA Theatre