Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Student Services and Campus Life

STUDENT SERVICES and campus life


The Sterling Student Life Center (SSLC) is the epicenter of campus life. Students from all over the university converge on this part of campus to engage in the unique social, cultural (And yes, even educational!) activities at one of Texas’s premiere HBCUs. Located on the famous Tiger Walk, the Student Center is home to the Student Government Association (SGA), University Program Council (UPC), Herald Newspaper, Tiger Yearbook, Office of Campus Organizations, TSU Cheerleaders, Tiger Card Office, Office of Student Activities and the Office of the Assistant Dean of Student Services.

Student Life Center staff and students know that the events/programs sponsored under the auspices of Student Activities give students the opportunity to implement their ideas in a creative, practical, learning environment.

On any given day, students can be found socializing with classmates, fraternity brothers/sorority sisters, or just plain old friends    in the lobby, game room, or in front of the SSLC building. Student organizations sponsor events in the Student Center that range from educational seminars to autograph signings of up and coming Hip Hop and R&B artists.

Also located in the SSLC are the Sodexo Food Services, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, the Copy Center as well as Barber and Beauty Services. 


The Office of Student Life is committed to facilitating the holistic development of our students while cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus community. Student Life staff are educators and mentors who work collaboratively with faculty and staff of the University to provide learning experiences both in and outside the classroom.

Our programs and services foster student learning and development, inspire TSU pride, promote health and wellness, and prepare students for their chosen professions in the global society.


The University Program Council is composed of students, staff, faculty, and administrators who work in collaboration with the Office of Student Services in implementing programs for the University community. The Council’s charge includes sponsoring a comprehensive list of social, cultural, intellectual, and recreational programs which enhance the total development of students.


The Student Government Association is the supreme governing body of Texas Southern University students. Comprised of the three branches, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, the Student Government Association serves as a means whereby students’ opinions, views, and aspirations may be properly discussed and acted upon.


The Office of Student Publications and the students working therein are responsible for the planning, writing, designing, and production of our student publications. Student Publications is committed to providing the students and campus community with quality publications that enhance the University.


Mister and Miss Texas Southern University, and The Royal Court are the most celebrated student leadership roles at the University. Their roles include public speaking as student body spokespersons, student role models, and new student recruiters. Students who compete for these titles are expected to represent the student body and the University throughout the year in a variety of different activities/capacities.


The purpose of the Texas Southern University Campus PALS is to provide assistance to the new students of Texas Southern University and to assume the larger responsibility of effectively integrating students into campus life through the dissemination of information and education.


The Texas Southern University Cheerleaders Program promotes and uphold spirit and traditions while striving to motivate, inspire, and entertain fans at games, appearances, community outreach events, and competitions. Members will maintain a good sportsmanship while focusing on academic success, student development, leadership opportunities, student health and well-being while operating within safety regulations set forth by the American Association of Cheer-leading Coaches & Administrators (AACCA).

Counseling Services

The mission of the University Counseling Center (UCC) is to help students enhance their academic and personal well-being. The UCC seeks to provide counseling and support, crisis intervention, grief counseling, outreach, and referral services to TSU students. We also offer consultation, education, training, and prevention strategies to faculty, staff, and the university community. We seek to promote an environment of inclusion, personal development and student success.

Confidential counseling services are made available for all currently enrolled TSU students at no charge. Our primary responsibilities are to alleviate distress and promote healthy functioning by providing confidential short-term or ongoing counseling services. These services include, but are not limited to individuals, couples, family and/or group consultation, referrals, and public presentations for campus organizations and/or academic classes.

The UCC staff consists of licensed mental health professionals from diverse clinical backgrounds. The UCC will refer students to psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians when necessary. This practice allows the staff to provide quality counseling, integrated care, appropriate referrals, consultation, and training. The UCC clinical staff are trained and experienced in responding to a variety of issues encountered by university students.

The UCC is in the Student Health Center. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Come by the office or call the UCC at 713-313-7804 to make an appointment or for additional information.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides medical care to students when they are sick or injured, and delivers health promotions programming campus-wide. To receive services at the clinic, students must be registered for the current semester and have a valid Tiger One Card. Medical services are provided by medically trained staff by appointment. To schedule an appointment call (713) 313-7173. 

Health Services is located in the Student Health Center on Tierwester Street between Lanier East and the General Services building. The clinic is open Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. An after-hours nurse advice line is available at (866) 631-1072. Students experiencing medical emergencies should contact TSUPD at (713) 313-7000 for assistance.  

Services and some medications are provided free of charge to students. Fees for services received outside of the clinic are the responsibility of the student. Federal and State regulations require us to protect your health information. No one can get information from a student’s medical record without the student’s written consent or a court ordered subpoena.  

Health Insurance

International Students are required to have health insurance and are automatically enrolled and charged for the university- sponsored student health insurance plan. To have the charge removed, students are required to show proof of comparable private health insurance by completing an online waiver by the 20th day of classes.  

For assistance with completing the waiver contact the Office of Risk Management at (713) 313-6859. Domestic students have a variety of options for obtaining health insurance including, purchasing the university-sponsored health insurance, remaining on their parent’s insurance or purchasing insurance from the provider of their choice.  

Health Awareness/Health Promotions

Each semester Student Health Services provides peer-lead outreach programs focusing on the prevention of the spread of communicable diseases. Annual programming includes HIV/STI presentations, health fairs, blood and bone marrow registration drives, and health awareness campaigns.  

HIV testing is available, by appointment, in the Student Health Center every Wednesday, during the fall and spring semesters. For additional information about our services or to schedule an appointment call (713) 313- 7173. 

Health Requirement

Immunization Requirement - Bacterial Meningitis (ACWY)

If you are attending Texas Southern University for the first time, or you had a break in enrollment of one fall/spring semester and you will not be 22 years old by the first day of class, the State of Texas requires you to submit proof of vaccination against bacterial meningitis (A,C,W,Y). The immunization must be taken within the past 5 years to be accepted. If this is your first time getting the immunization, the initial dose must be administered at least 10 days before attending classes. Detailed information about the immunization requirement and how to submit your immunization record can be found at 

Student Academic Support Services

The Student Academic Support Services (SASS) Department provides student-centered services and activities that actively support Texas Southern University’s mission to provide innovative programs to the diverse students it serves.

SASS promotes the development of the whole student - academically, intellectually, and socially. Through SASS, students can utilize a network of academic services, have access to supportive and experienced advisors, and participate in activities designed to assist them in strengthening their academic skill set, all free of cost. We also have services and opportunities for faculty and staff who need them as well.

Tutorial Services

The mission of Tutorial Services is to provide tutorial support for all Texas Southern University core courses through innovative programming. Our peer tutors help Texas Southern University students reach their highest academic potential.

​Our services include:

(1) One-on-one tutoring in core classes

(2) Supplemental Instructors in ENG & BIO

(3) TSU Community Tutorial Support Partnerships for non-core-courses.

(4) In-class tutoring

(5) Workshops

The Academic Skill Center

The Academic Skill Center addresses basic comprehension and skills deficiencies. The ASC is an additional academic resource that students have at their disposal to be academically successful. The ASC staff works with students on their academic skills and comprehension deficiencies.

Our services include:

(1) Academic Coaches to work with you academic skills (note-taking, organizing, test-anxiety, and more)

(2) Academic Skill Workshops

(3) Academic Planning and Time Management

(4) Work with advisors and faculty to place students on the appropriate enrichment plan

(5) In-Class workshops

(6) Textbook and help with classroom resources

First Year Advising

The First year Experience at TSU is anchored by our unique Freshman Advisors. Also known as Enrollment and Completion Advisors (ECAs),  ECAs are tasked with the advisement and enrollment of First Time in College (FTIC) students, and play an integral role in their success.

ECAs are assigned to specific colleges, and work with those colleges to holistically support freshman students. For more information please email . You can also scan this QR code to be taken to TCLAW to connect with them directly:

For more information on any of our services:


Phone: 713-313-7676



Funded by the United States Department of Education, Texas Southern University’s TRIO Student Support Services Program is designed to provide academic assistance and counseling to “TRIO” eligible students who are pursuing a baccalaureate degree. All services are provided free of cost so as to empower participants to realize their academic and career goals. Specific program services include the following.


All participants are eligible to receive tutoring. Each participant will be assessed by a staff member to identify critical academic support needs. “Learning Enhancement” tutor/mentors will provide academic support assistance in numerous disciplines.


The director and project advisor/counselor will interview and assess each eligible applicant. Together, they will identify the student’s academic and self-development needs. Additionally, students will have access to career, personal and academic related counseling services.


Workshops offered by the program include, but are not limited to, the following: financial aid assistance, test-taking skills, career planning, time management, note-taking skills, GRE, and graduate/professional school information. Each workshop is carefully designed with the student’s best interest in mind.

Financial Aid Advisement

The program provides assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and facilitate workshops relative to accessing financial aid resources, and other Financial Literacy Awareness training.

Cultural Enrichment

Participants are offered an opportunity to attend activities that foster cultural enrichment (e.g., Broadway plays and University theatrical productions, and other diversity, or cultural exposure activities).

Computer/Copier/Internet Access

So as to advance academic research, participants are afforded access to educational support resources such as copiers, computers, laptops, printers, and the internet.

TRIO Student Support Services Program Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for program participation, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and have a need for academic support. Additionally, students must satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • Be a first-generation college student (neither parent/nor guardian has a four-year college degree);
  • Have an economic need as established by the Department of Education income guidelines; and/or
  • Provide documentation to support a disability.

TRIO SSS Location and Hours of Operation

The TRIO Student Support Services main office and tutorial laboratory are in the Bell Building, Suite 128. Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

For additional information, please call the TRIO Student Support Services’ administrative office at (713) 313-7483/7486.

University Career and professional development center

TSU Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC) is part of TSU’s Division of Student Services. Our comprehensive services are open to all students and alumni. The mission of TSU Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC) is to contribute to the TSU community of learning by providing exceptional career development services that help students apply their education and experiences toward advancing their career goals over a lifetime.  The CPDC encompasses five interlocking components:  Career Awareness-Discovering your Path; Exploring Your Options; Job Location – Finding Internships; Professional Development and Career Launch Strategies.

The University Career Center also focuses on developing strong relationships with employers and assisting them in their recruiting needs. Provided services include career fairs, on-campus recruitment, and resume referrals that assist in meeting each organization’s needs. If the need is filling internships, cooperative education, or full-time employment opportunities, the Career Center is dedicated to providing each organization/corporation personal and prompt service.

TSU Career & Professional Development Center staff members want to help you learn about your skills and interests, and articulate them confidently in résumés, cover letters, interviews, and personal statements; identify and explore career options that you might pursue; implement an effective strategy to attain your desired career outcomes. We invite you to visit our office, so that we may create an individualized career plan for you!

Whether a student, an alumnus, or an employer, the Career Center is committed to assisting you in meeting your goals. The Center is in the Bell Building, 1st Floor, South (rear) Entrance. Office hours are 8:30am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. For further information, contact us at 713-313-7541 or visit us at To register with the Career Center, go to P.O.W.E.R. Providing Opportunities Within Everyone’s Reach.

Connect with us: @TSUCareerCenter






University Testing Services

The University Testing Services program renders the following services:

  1. The provision of local and national testing programs for its clientele.
  2. The collection of relevant and reliable psychometric information about the learner.
  3. The collection of relevant and reliable psychometric information about prospective students of Texas Southern     University.
  4. The provision of test services and test consultations for various components within the University.
  5. The provision of counselors and admission officers with test profiles on all freshman students.
  6. The provision of academic advisors with test profiles and other relevant test data compiled on their advisees.

University Testing Services offers two specific programs: national testing programs and institutional testing programs. National Testing Programs are testing programs which are administered nationwide in terms of date and time. They are controlled by test service centers external to the University. Institutional testing programs are programs that are conceived, designed, implemented, and controlled by the University. Those national testing programs which are currently conducted by University Services are:

  • American College Testing (ACT) Program Test
  • American College Residual Testing (ACT-R) Program Test
  • College-Level Examination (CLEP) Program
  • General Education Development (GED) Test
  • Graduate Records Examination (GRE)
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Texas Educator Certifications (TExES)
  • Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI)