Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Sport Management, Bachelor of Science Option III - (Concentration IV) - Journalism Non-Teaching

The University Core Curriculum is the same across all undergraduate bachelor's programs.   Please consult the academic advisor for your designated major before selecting courses in this area.


General Education Core Curriculum42
General Education Core TCCNS Equivalent
Major Requirements55
Concentration Requirements23
Total Hours120

General Education Core Curriculum (Standard) 1

ENGL 1301Freshman English I3
ENGL 1302Freshman English II3
MATH 1324Math and Business and Econ I3
Life and Physical Sciences
BIOL 1308Survey of Life Science3
BIOL 2301Human Anat & Phys I3
Language, Philosophy, and Culture
ENG 2XX 23
Creative Arts
MUSI 1315Fine Arts In Daily Living3
American History
HIST 1301Soc & Pol Hist US to 18773
HIST 1302Soc & Pol Hist US Since 18773
Government/Political Science
POLS 2305American Government3
POLS 2306Texas Government3
Social and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 2301General Psychology3
Institutional Options
COMM 1321Business & Professional Comm3
or COMM 1315 Public Address
COSC 1301Intro To Compr Science I3
Total Hours42

General Education Core Curriculum (TCCNS Equivalent)

Major (Sport Management)

SPMT 134Sport & Entertainment Mgmt3
SPMT 135Sport Marketing & Promotions3
SPMT 273Mngl Com & Media Rtl in Sports3
SPMT 279Sport Prg Evnt & Facility MGMT3
SPMT 332Sports Ethics and The Law3
SPMT 333Problems in Rec & Sports3
SPMT 434Admin of Athletics Org3
SPMT 399Sports Management Seminar2
SPMT 476Hist Sport Gov African Disaspo3
SPMT 499Sport Mgmt Capstone6
Cognate Courses
FS 102Freshman Seminar/ first Year Experience1
KIN 127Foundations I3
KIN 233Foundations II3
MATH 1325Elements of Calculus3
ECON 2301Principles Of Economics I3
Approved Elective 510
Total Hours55

Concentration (Journalism)

JOUR 130Intro To Journalism3
JOUR 132Intro To Reporting4
JOUR 238Intermediate Reporting4
JOUR 253News Editing I3
JOUR Elective3
JOUR Elective3
JOUR Elective3
Total Hours23

Students should be advised by a major advisor prior to registering for any credit, particularly any core curriculum credit as listed.


ENGL 2332 World Literature I, ENGL 2333 World Literature II, ENGL 2326 American Literature, or ENGL 2328 African-American Literature


Any one of the following: MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation, MUSI 1315 Fine Arts In Daily Living, THEA 1310 Introduction to Theatre, ARTS 1315 Intro African Art (TCCN: HUMA 1315, DRAM 1310, ARTS 1301, or HUMA 2323)


Any one (1) of these: PSYC 2301 General Psychology, SOCI 1301 Introduction To Sociology, GEOG 1303 World Regional Geography


Approved Elective-advisor approval

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterHours
KIN 127 Foundations I 3
ENGL 1301 Freshman English I 3
MATH 1324 Math and Business and Econ I 3
SPMT 134 Sport & Entertainment Mgmt 3
COMM 1321
Business & Professional Comm
or Public Address
FS 102 Freshman Seminar/ first Year Experience 1
Second Semester
ENGL 1302 Freshman English II 3
MATH 1325 Elements of Calculus 3
KIN 233 Foundations II 3
SPMT 135 Sport Marketing & Promotions 3
BIOL 1308 Survey of Life Science 3
Second Year
Third Semester
HIST 1301 Soc & Pol Hist US to 1877 3
COSC 1301 Intro To Compr Science I 3
BIOL 2301 Human Anat & Phys I 3
POLS 2305 American Government 3
Fourth Semester
HIST 1302 Soc & Pol Hist US Since 1877 3
PSYC 2301 General Psychology 3
ECON 2301 Principles Of Economics I 3
MUSI 1315 Fine Arts In Daily Living 3
POLS 2306 Texas Government 3
Third Year
Fifth Semester
JOUR 130 Intro To Journalism 3
JOUR 132 Intro To Reporting 4
SPMT 273 Mngl Com & Media Rtl in Sports 3
SPMT 332 Sports Ethics and The Law 3
Approved Elective 3
Sixth Semester
JOUR 253 News Editing I 3
JOUR Elective 3
JOUR Elective 3
SPMT 279 Sport Prg Evnt & Facility MGMT 3
SPMT 476 Hist Sport Gov African Disaspo 3
Approved Elective 3
Fourth Year
Seventh Semester
JOUR 238 Intermediate Reporting 4
JOUR Elective 3
Approved Elective 3
Approved Elective 1
SPMT 399 Sports Management Seminar 2
Eighth Semester
SPMT 333 Problems in Rec & Sports 3
SPMT 434 Admin of Athletics Org 3
SPMT 499 Sport Mgmt Capstone 6
 Total Hours120