Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Respiratory Therapy, Bachelor of Science

Accredited by (CoARC) Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care

Progression Essentials: (see TSU Undergraduate Catalog, COPHS Student Handbook and Program Handbook)

  • For repeat courses, the last grade earned is used to determine GPA and graduation eligibility.
  • COPHS applicants for graduation shall have completed all courses in the professional curriculum with a grade of “C” or better.
  • Students are expected to accept full responsibility for their program of study including satisfactory completion of requirements.

Course Substitutions

Listed Courses Substituted
COMM 1321 or COMM 1315
BIOL 245 BIOL 135 & BIOL 136 in sequence with labs
BIOL 246 BIOL 347

Applications for admittance to the program professional phase are processed and finalized each fall. Students are admitted into
the program professional phase each spring semester. The application process is competitive and based on:

  1.  cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or better and
  2. quantitative and qualitative completion of curriculum prerequisite courses.


Core Curriculum Requirements42
Major Requirements (79 hours)
HSRT 231Cardio-Pulmonary Systems3
HSRT 233Initroduction to Respiratory Therapy2
HSRT 234Intermediate Clinical Applications2
HSRT 240Clinical Practicum I5
HSRT 242Clinical Practicum II4
HSRT 301Respiratory Care Seminar1
HSRT 330App Proc & Equip3
HSRT 331Cardio-Pulmonary Systems3
HSRT 332App Proc & Equip3
HSRT 333Cardio-Pulmon Diseases3
HSRT 334Resp Care Pharmacotherapy3
HSRT 340Neo Ped Resp Care3
HSRT 360Clinical Practicum III6
HSRT 361Clinical Practicum IV4
HSRT 407Comprehensive Review Seminar1
HSRT 432Healthcare Leadership3
HSRT 436Intro Respiratory Research3
HSRT 437Current Issues Trends in Respiratory Therapy Care3
HSRT 438Statistics in Respiratory Care3
HSRT 439Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support3
HSRT 440Respiratory Therapy Management4
HSRT 444Case Management in Respiratory Care4
HSRT 453Cardio-Pulmon Tech5
HSRT 454Crit Care & Internship5
Other Requirements (15 hours)
BIOL 245Human Anatomy & Physiology4
BIOL 246Microbiol Hlth Rel Professions4
HSCR 260Biomedical Ethics3
HSCR 360Princ Of Disease3
FS 102Freshman Seminar/ first Year Experience1
Total Hours136
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterHours
ENGL 1301 Freshman English I 3
MATH 1314 College Algebra 3
Visual and Performing Arts 1 3
FS 102 Freshman Seminar/ first Year Experience 1
COSC 1301 Intro To Compr Science I 3
PSYC 2301 General Psychology 3
Second Semester
BIOL 245 Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
ENGL 1302 Freshman English II 3
COMM 1321
Business & Professional Comm
or Public Address
CHEM 1311 Chemistry I 3
Semester One
Semester Two
HIST 1301 Soc & Pol Hist US to 1877 3
HIST 1302 Soc & Pol Hist US Since 1877 3
Second Year
Third Semester
ENGL 2326 American Literature 3
PHYS 1301 College Physics I 3
BIOL 246 Microbiol Hlth Rel Professions 3 4
POLS 2305 American Government 3
Fourth Semester
HSRT 240 Clinical Practicum I 5
HSRT 233 Initroduction to Respiratory Therapy 2
HSRT 231 Cardio-Pulmonary Systems 3
HSCR 260 Biomedical Ethics 3
POLS 2306 Texas Government 3
Semester One
HSRT 242 Clinical Practicum II 4
HSRT 234 Intermediate Clinical Applications 2
Third Year
Fifth Semester
HSRT 360 Clinical Practicum III 6
HSRT 330 App Proc & Equip 3
HSRT 331 Cardio-Pulmonary Systems 3
HSRT 334 Resp Care Pharmacotherapy 3
HSRT 340 Neo Ped Resp Care 3
Sixth Semester
HSRT 301 Respiratory Care Seminar 1
HSRT 361 Clinical Practicum IV 4
HSRT 332 App Proc & Equip 3
HSCR 360 Princ Of Disease 3
HSRT 333 Cardio-Pulmon Diseases 3
Semester One
HSRT 407 Comprehensive Review Seminar 1
HSRT 454 Crit Care & Internship 5
Fourth Year
Seventh Semester
HSRT 432 Healthcare Leadership 3
HSRT 437 Current Issues Trends in Respiratory Therapy Care 3
HSRT 440 Respiratory Therapy Management 4
HSRT 436 Intro Respiratory Research 3
Eighth Semester
HSRT 444 Case Management in Respiratory Care 4
HSRT 439 Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support 3
HSRT 453 Cardio-Pulmon Tech 5
HSRT 438 Statistics in Respiratory Care 3
 Total Hours136

Either one of the following: THEA 1310 Introduction to Theatre, MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation, MUSI 1315 Fine Arts In Daily Living, ARTS 1315 Intro African Art (TCCN: DRAM 1310, MUSI 1306, HUMA 1315, HUMA 2323, ARTS 1301).


Course taken as advised.


Course substitutions are permitted only as indicated in the University bulletin or as below.