Academic Catalog 2024-2025

African American Studies Minor

Select a total of 15 credit hours from the following courses (at least 9 hours of 300-400 level courses):

African-American Art & Culture
African-American Literature
African American Gothic Lit
African American Poets
African-Am Lit:Fiction & Crit
World Regional Geography
People & Culture of Africa
African Amer Hist To 1865
African Amer Hist Since 1865
African Civ To 1800
African Civ Since 1800
Topics in African Diaspora
Topics In History
Mod African-American Hist
Topics In African Hist
African American Women in Music: 1865-Present
Jazz History
Introduction To Anthropology
Ethnic Groups In Society
Civil Rights
African American Theatre

Courses used to fulfill minor requirements in African American Studies cannot be simultaneously used to fulfill a major requirement.