Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Theatre Minor

THEA 1310Introduction to Theatre3
THEA 1330Stagecraft I3
THEA 1351/231Acting I3
THEA 3361/337History of Theatre I3
THEA 4399/499Senior Projects for Majors and Minors3
Approved Elective 13
Approved Elective 13
Total Hours21

Approved Electives include: THEA 3351 Acting III, THEA 3342 Playwriting, THEA 3341 Stage Directing, THEA 3361 History of Theatre I or THEA 3362 History of Theatre II, THEA 4362 African American Theatre, THEA 3330 Stagecraft III, THEA 4336 Musical Theatre, THEA 4352 Acting IV, THEA 4363 History of CostumesTHEA 4361 Modern Drama,THEA 4350 Problems in Theatre,  THEA 4331 Stagecraft IVTHEA 4357 Creative Dramatics for Children,THEA 4358 Children's Theatre.